Tuesday, July 31, 2007


An unjust criticism is a compliment,
A just criticism needs to be heeded.

How do you know if the criticism is just or not?

Listen, do not react, look deep, meditate, think, ponder, wonder and look at it from the other person's side. If needed talk about it to a trusted friend. If the criticism is right, strive to straighten your ways next time.

If the criticism is truly unjust, let go.

Move-on anyway!

There are no perfect human-beings, not that I am aware of... perfection is the goal while trying to reach which you might run into excellence (Vince Lombardi)! That is good, isn't it?


Look around outside at the night sky,
Aren't there thousands of stars and their planets,
Take a whiff of fresh air and think,
Is not energy pulsating all over!
Where from is this scarcity coming from?
Look in your mind...
Any scarcity that is seen is in the mind
A happy being is contented
A contented being is happy
Scarcity is really something that can be overcome
With the power of your mind
It's all a mind set
A delicate balance between reaching out and letting go;
That only you have to decide...
Will you decide?

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


You do not have to lead an ideal life to contemplate
You do not need a room to meditate
You do not need to be a saint
You do not need to have given up everything
I have not and nor am I a saint
Contemplation on who you are is your birthright!
Let no-one tell you otherwise.
"Who am I?"
"Whose am I?"
Think such thoughts when the question why comes to you,
it invariably comes to all!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Discovery vs. Invention

A discovery is used if it is useful;
An invention becomes necessary otherwise!

Can the same not be said to re-discovery?
When you take the pain to re-discover -
may be you should not be hesitant to re-invent!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Elusive Truth

There is only one truth
All that experienced it experienced the same
All that see it as different see the same
The truth is here and now
Why does it seem so elusive?
Because I am part of it?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Change is constant... sure yeah! You have heard that before, what is new right!
Think once more, how many of us think that to change is not right?

One says, "My father believed it and I know he loved me so much. So it must be the only way to be"
Another says, "We have done this for 20 years now, and it has worked. Why mess with a wheel that is rolling fine?"

Sure, do not mess with a rolling wheel that seems to work fine. But if you fail to notice that there is a better wheel out there or if you fail to look closely at a small crack in the seemingly well rolling wheel!

So what I am saying is change is a good thing if done judiciously. And sometimes you have go against the grain to change!

If the status quo is all we care about, why do we grow from babies to adults?

There is a balance between being content and being willing to change. I am not really talking about changing your life-style etc. I am talking about reviewing your basic beliefs once in a while via introspection... is it a deep rooted belief that is really based on a sound universal principle?

Boldly look inside... to be ignorant is to be in darkness.
To seek for knowledge might lead you to more darkness; but be patient, the light of truth will shine and dispell this darkness!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


"Equality" is the basic principle that every person should learn to appreciate in this life.

It is true that people are different. They have different tastes, different aptitudes, different interests, different ideas and different attitudes; may be even different levels of skill in a particular topic or different talents. Infact, identical twins have been said to be different in some way!

Nevertheless, the basic human principle is that every person in this world deserves equal opportunity to become what they want to be.

When more people understand this simple truth; love will abound more in this world. Life will be sweet as humans will realize they are all part of the same global family (vasudhaiva kuTumbhakam)!

Love is the only religion we ever needed and will always need!

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Truth will seek the seeker.
Also if you do not seek the truth, it will usually not seek you.
Truth is uncomfortable for people who are afraid to face it.
Sometimes long followed traditions do us a dis-service by masking the truth.
The truth is.
Nothing else is.
Even if the whole world chooses to deny the truth... truth still is.
Do not be afraid to seek the truth if you are really seeking.
Do not get fazed by opposition to knowledge.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Today's Quote

A child longing parent and awake;
Sleeps when parent stays by for a while!

- Observation based on personal experience...

What about the seeker?