Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Livermore Balaji Kee Jai!

May 30, 2007

He stands tall amidst mountains
a la Venkata Girivasa
He stands with conch and the wheel of time,
His gestures of assurance and acceptance,
Of my surrender indeed reassuring
Victory to Livermore Srinivasa!

He looks at me with eyes full of love
Eyes that are unseen to me
Behind his beautiful insignia
His jewels are shining
His prime jewel, the mother of prosperity
Shining in his heart!

Amidst a hundred mountains,
Stands the Satah-Giri Vasan!
He stands so the world can spin
He stands so his lost friends
Can find him once more
Like a calf does her mother.

Tears flowing, words swallowed
I stand in front of him
Nothing separating us,
Neither the doorway, nor our distance
Oh! Indeed it was a moment of joy,
Oh! Indeed it was a moment of wonder!

Mortals of this world!
If ever you have a way,
Find your way to Livermore,
For here shines the beacon light for all,
The one who can help you cross,
This ocean with a smile!

Oh! Mortals of this Universe!
If you ever wonder what it is to know bliss!
Fly down to this place of Hari,
Where you will feel the greatness,
The joy, the splendor and the mercy,
Of the Supreme Protector of all!

Sunday, May 27, 2007


I have my background in mathematics and the concepts of math used to intrigue me as a kid. I used to wonder why the square root of 2 is irrational... i.e. non terminating and non recurring numbers after the decimal point... where does it end. This sequence ending is indeterminable for human minds as known so far. Similarly the concept of infinity... is amazing. Concept of non-integrable functions is also very intriguing... how come some functions cannot be integrated while all can be differentiated. I could rack my brains all I wanted but I stopped once I figured my brains CPU might hit 100% if I keep trying to solve these!

In my spiritual quest, I have run into similar iterative questions. Karma for e.g. Since my atman is eternal (Bhagavad Gita) ... when in eternity did it ever get embodied to start accumulating karmic reactions (good or bad).

If I am eternal and originally full of knowledge... what exactly cause me to lose the knowledge?

What makes paramatman as paramatman, jeevatman as jeevatman and Prakriti as Prakriti?

What is the root of all this?

Anyways, these are the indeterminates that I have run into in my spiritual quest and I am sure I will contemplating for ever if I need to understand this.

Which is why I for now, have realized that having full gnana is impossible with some of these basic questions. Every saint and avatar was questioned on these and has somehow evaded a direct answer!

But the concept of karma and its reactions and the fact that desires determine outcomes does make logical and intuitive sense to me. And the desire to not go through samsara seems to be a noble desire indeed... letting go seems to be the only possible solution; at least for now!

Call for Unity

This is a clarion call for all humans to be united...
Let us respect each other irrespective of our beliefs and faith,
Let us be and let others be.
Let us offer a hand of help when possible.

Let us follow our faith or reasoning once we find it.
But not put one's personal beliefs down.
Let us be bold and confident about the future of the world.
Let us strive to be true to ourselves.
Let us contemplate even if for just one second.
Let us shake ourselves up a bit once today.Let us look just once inside ...
With eyes shut and mind wide open!

Is Science getting closer to Spirituality?

Science means knowledge and constitutes theories and experimental analysis. I predict that Science will slowly realize that Spirituality is indeed real! Interesting article to read about Dark Matter -

The so called Dark matter is very strange indeed, it has mass/ gravity but passes thru us!

I wrote the following thoughts on science a few months ago when I had rediscovered spirituality.

As part of my scientific quest I read vociferously - I read higher physics (starting from quantum physics),cosmology, some of the Upanishads, Bhagvad Gita) and also read about String Theory. I came to one conclusion; science is still very young but very bold. Being young it makes bold statements; like Newtonian mechanics was once hailed as the holy grail of physics; then when Schrodinger came along Quantum mechanics was hailed as the next best thing to a slice of bread. However, every few years science reinvents itself; and being young it does not hesitate to call itself wrong every time it does so. Science has not discovered consciousness (an attribute of the atman) yet and being bold vehemantly opposes such concepts but will move more towards research on consciousness in due course of time. If you read the latest so called breakthroughs in science, you will see the following.

1. Science has finally realized all matter (what we call as Prakriti) as energy. I heard about the research in stanford with particle accelerators which broke a sub-atomicparticle to the end resulted in 2 gamma rays (energy)
2. Science has realized the possibility of dark matter and believes the universe to be made of mostly darkmatter (compare this to the statement in Purusha Suktham "paadosya vishwa bhootani,tripadasyaamrutham divi" which means "A fourth is this known universe, three fourths is a divine eternity")
3. Science also realizes that for every particle generally found there is an anti-particle (e.g. electron vs. positron)
4. Science is amazed at the genetic coding of the DNA and is befuddled and mesmerized by just a few strands of code.
5. Einstein tried to create unified theory of allforces but could not. String theory is trying to address these... string theory is able to address the dual nature of sub-atomic aprticles such as electronsbeing both particles and waves with the use of stringtheory. It basically defines the universe as acomposite set of infinitesmal strings of energy...
6. String theory is a theory. No experimental proof is foreseen due to the subtleness of the theory
7. String theory apparently requires the equations to assume 10 - 27 spacedimensions. Even though this is a wiki link - checkout,
8. We can only comprehend 3 space dimensions. However,mathematicians have been perfectly OK with dimensionsof more than order of 3 due to the fact that a fourthor higher dimension can be represented by a set suchas (x,y,z,p,q,r,...).
9. String Theory now postulates the possibility of gravitons... basically the particles that cause gravity. There are matter fields and force fields... for e.g. electric fields are attributed to flow of electrons and are strong fields. Gravitation albeit being a seemingly universal field is weak... hence in the other dimensions string theory postulates the possibility of gravitons with stronger gravitional field that is felt weakly in our universe. I have heard from some people that they do not believe in string theory... nevertheless the intent is to convey that scientists are also seekers... many do lab experiments and some do thought experiments!
10. Multiverse concepts are mathematically getting postulated and lopped up by Sci-fiction movies. Interestingly multiverse concepts can also be found in ancient indian writings!

Science cannot explain everything and is slowly coming to close to the truth... but I do not have a long enough time to wait for science to figure it all out. Science will slowly realize there is energy and there is consciousness.

P.S. Science cannot explain questions such as "Who am I?" very easily.

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Am I this body?
If so, where was I before this birth?
Where do I go afterwards?
Who am I?
When I negate all that I know the one thing remains,
It says "I am".
Now I say, so whose am I?
Am I my own?
If so, who are you and him and her?
And whose are they?
Sentient nevertheless part of a bigger whole,
There is a soul to our soul,
The soul that loves us,
Beyond all else and waits for us,
to know and acknowledge and surrender...
Yeah! What else can we do ...
If we do not know anymore.
This soul of the soul is so small yet so big,
It is inside and outside and felt all over,
It is what all of us are trying to explain,
And experience!
Some see this soul as their own soul,
Some see this soul as themselves,
But do you lose yourself then?
Not really... only you will know.
All I know is what I know!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Prayers for Peace

May 25, 2007

Peace! Peace! Peace!
Let there be peace everywhere!
Let every one feel the spirit of unity,
The one voice in your and my heart,
The one language that we all emote,
Naturally is Love.

Let there be peace in my heart,
Let there be peace in your heart!
Take a moment and think,
If you were in my place and I in yours,
We would be no different!
So let’s be at peace forever!

Peace is an easy word to say!
When flares raise in the mind,
It flies off the window of intelligence,
Words are spoken – raw, cutting words,
Deeper than the deepest wounds,
Why indeed do we need to do that!

Look inside and you will find,
A universe as big as what you see around you,
Listen with your ears closed,
You will hear the silence beating,
A drop of nectar you never dared,
To search within yourself for!

Love your neighbor, so they say!
Love yourself and your neighbor…
And all will be OK with the world!
Send your love across time and space,
Across all dimensions known and unknown!
Love, you see is the only way!

This talk of love, is old indeed!
"Cheesy!" some say! Why care!
Stop and think! How many cares might have been avoided,
Had love been the language of choice!
Love, my friend is the end of all searches and means,
It’s the only way you can find peace!

Saturday, May 19, 2007


May 12, 2007

So all that I see and hear and feel and perceive and do not,
Belong not to me!
All that I think and wonder and ponder and question,
Belong not to me!
All this truly is not mine!
Including myself!

So then all this verily a part of this other being,
This being owns itself and all else,
Hence I belong to this,
This being has both man and womanly qualities
But is neither man or woman as we know of it!
This being called by many names and by no names,
The one composite of all good qualities!
Of love, strength, valor, power, energy, radiance, brilliance and many more
Of mercy, love, affection, patience, forbearance, wealth and many more
So many more that neither I nor It knows of it!
So then this really verily owns all that is known and not known!

So then why the confusion
In all of us and all who we know
So why these differences
Here is a man who says He does not exist
He is gone when his body is gone, so he says!
And there is one who says He is all there is
He is the one and only, so he says!
And here is one more who says he owns none,
That he is part of the one supreme truth!
Why this difference?
Why cannot the supreme intervene!

So then the Supreme is impartial,
Eternal by nature It is not in a hurry
Like you and me you see!
It is impartial and never hasty,
For all is going on by its will…
A fine line between will and bestowing the same to me,
So subtle that I almost thought I was the one willing!
While I do will by having desire to know It,
It has to will before I can ever know it.
Surrender I can and should do,
For all else seems to be verily strenuous here!

And then there are the names and forms,
Those that name It verily by multitudinous names,
Those that worship it with a form and without,
It is verily a class of its own,
To be called so many names,
And seen in so many forms!
Knowing It – this Brahman to be one and all,
Does It come in the form so desired?
Or does it already have the form before!

Now the man of faith should keep going by faith,
For his faith might be shaken if not,
For properties this being has infinite,
All good and all for a reason,
That which is bad if in you,
Is still good when seen in It,
The one most important attribute is Love,
The Love for which It yearns,
So much as I do too!
The Love which is felt more,
When you see the form of this being!
This conundrum of both form and formlessness!

They say this being, which is real big,
Can never be understood fully,
I might know It exists as different from all,
As the only subject where all else is object,
Hence It is the only real “He” - some say!
Some say His name is this and that,
I say, Love! Love this being with all your heart,
And be good to all!
Thou shall not fight to prove that,
Which is unproven to all who think it is proven!
But surrender you should if all else fails,
For surrender is a sure way for all!

So why not this mind thinks,
Again and again indeed,
Can I feel It, nor experience it?
Why indeed can I not know it,
As many said they do,
Why indeed can I not be with It,
For just maybe a human moment,
Why indeed such a being Inside and Outside me,
So subtle, so unseen and so unknown!
Why indeed, I say and pray!
Why only me, why indeed!

I shall be patient,
Forbearance and all!
For by being good and patient,
If It wills, it will sure show me,
In some way that I have known,
That I have finally known!
Now all I have to go is hope and faith,
And cheer and goodness of heart,
And send those love waves to eternity now,
Infinite feelings from my finite mind;
I am sure I will know It soon!

You cannot be understood

May 2, 2007

You cannot be understood,
By words, by thoughts, by deeds,
By sight or any other means,
You cannot be fathomed indeed.

All we can know is your majesty,
Your prowess, your shyness –
In not showing yourself to us,
For your love abounds for us.

All they say is you are felt,
In moments of silence between silences,
Moments when you shine in a flash,
In a sheer rush of something deeper than emotions.

All they say is you will show yourself
When the time is right
When the being is ready
When I just let go

Oh! Is not being good a good thing,
For even in those don’t believe in you,
If they be good – wouldn’t you protect them?
Oh! I wish good to all.

Oh! Is not knowing one’s self a bit better,
For in the knowledge of self,
A being loses its body-ness,
And revels in that knowledge

Oh! I wish all can feel the silence,
Between waves of silence crashing,
The silence where you speak,
To all that are ready to listen

Oh! My Supreme Soul, My inner being,
The lover supreme, thou art indeed everywhere,
Ever so subtle, ever so playful,
Oh! Indeed you play with all!


April 24, 2007

Hey human! You who think you are always right,
Have you ever thought the other way round –
Not that you are really wrong,
What if both of you are right!
Tolerance my friend is more divine,
than the total of divinity itself.

Now you say, OK I will –
Be nice to all religions;
But what of the one who says,
There is no need for one.
What of the one who says,
I am fine as I am.

Tolerance my friend, is one where not many dare,
For they are so afraid of their kith and kin,
Who might say they don’t care,
For ways that are followed from ages,
They are important for you – for sure;
But so not much to hurt the other man

A man sitting on a tree branch,
Sometimes saws so hard;
The same branch that is his seat,
His thoughts are not looking out.
Tolerance my friend, is one where you stay put,
Throw the saw that slices and send your love instead.

Now you might believe in a supreme,
Who is so sublime and serene,
To share that to the whole world unasked –
Might not be so right indeed.
For what is yours in yours for sure,
Let the other man see for himself!