Sunday, May 27, 2007

Is Science getting closer to Spirituality?

Science means knowledge and constitutes theories and experimental analysis. I predict that Science will slowly realize that Spirituality is indeed real! Interesting article to read about Dark Matter -

The so called Dark matter is very strange indeed, it has mass/ gravity but passes thru us!

I wrote the following thoughts on science a few months ago when I had rediscovered spirituality.

As part of my scientific quest I read vociferously - I read higher physics (starting from quantum physics),cosmology, some of the Upanishads, Bhagvad Gita) and also read about String Theory. I came to one conclusion; science is still very young but very bold. Being young it makes bold statements; like Newtonian mechanics was once hailed as the holy grail of physics; then when Schrodinger came along Quantum mechanics was hailed as the next best thing to a slice of bread. However, every few years science reinvents itself; and being young it does not hesitate to call itself wrong every time it does so. Science has not discovered consciousness (an attribute of the atman) yet and being bold vehemantly opposes such concepts but will move more towards research on consciousness in due course of time. If you read the latest so called breakthroughs in science, you will see the following.

1. Science has finally realized all matter (what we call as Prakriti) as energy. I heard about the research in stanford with particle accelerators which broke a sub-atomicparticle to the end resulted in 2 gamma rays (energy)
2. Science has realized the possibility of dark matter and believes the universe to be made of mostly darkmatter (compare this to the statement in Purusha Suktham "paadosya vishwa bhootani,tripadasyaamrutham divi" which means "A fourth is this known universe, three fourths is a divine eternity")
3. Science also realizes that for every particle generally found there is an anti-particle (e.g. electron vs. positron)
4. Science is amazed at the genetic coding of the DNA and is befuddled and mesmerized by just a few strands of code.
5. Einstein tried to create unified theory of allforces but could not. String theory is trying to address these... string theory is able to address the dual nature of sub-atomic aprticles such as electronsbeing both particles and waves with the use of stringtheory. It basically defines the universe as acomposite set of infinitesmal strings of energy...
6. String theory is a theory. No experimental proof is foreseen due to the subtleness of the theory
7. String theory apparently requires the equations to assume 10 - 27 spacedimensions. Even though this is a wiki link - checkout,
8. We can only comprehend 3 space dimensions. However,mathematicians have been perfectly OK with dimensionsof more than order of 3 due to the fact that a fourthor higher dimension can be represented by a set suchas (x,y,z,p,q,r,...).
9. String Theory now postulates the possibility of gravitons... basically the particles that cause gravity. There are matter fields and force fields... for e.g. electric fields are attributed to flow of electrons and are strong fields. Gravitation albeit being a seemingly universal field is weak... hence in the other dimensions string theory postulates the possibility of gravitons with stronger gravitional field that is felt weakly in our universe. I have heard from some people that they do not believe in string theory... nevertheless the intent is to convey that scientists are also seekers... many do lab experiments and some do thought experiments!
10. Multiverse concepts are mathematically getting postulated and lopped up by Sci-fiction movies. Interestingly multiverse concepts can also be found in ancient indian writings!

Science cannot explain everything and is slowly coming to close to the truth... but I do not have a long enough time to wait for science to figure it all out. Science will slowly realize there is energy and there is consciousness.

P.S. Science cannot explain questions such as "Who am I?" very easily.

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