Saturday, May 19, 2007

You cannot be understood

May 2, 2007

You cannot be understood,
By words, by thoughts, by deeds,
By sight or any other means,
You cannot be fathomed indeed.

All we can know is your majesty,
Your prowess, your shyness –
In not showing yourself to us,
For your love abounds for us.

All they say is you are felt,
In moments of silence between silences,
Moments when you shine in a flash,
In a sheer rush of something deeper than emotions.

All they say is you will show yourself
When the time is right
When the being is ready
When I just let go

Oh! Is not being good a good thing,
For even in those don’t believe in you,
If they be good – wouldn’t you protect them?
Oh! I wish good to all.

Oh! Is not knowing one’s self a bit better,
For in the knowledge of self,
A being loses its body-ness,
And revels in that knowledge

Oh! I wish all can feel the silence,
Between waves of silence crashing,
The silence where you speak,
To all that are ready to listen

Oh! My Supreme Soul, My inner being,
The lover supreme, thou art indeed everywhere,
Ever so subtle, ever so playful,
Oh! Indeed you play with all!

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