Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Livermore Balaji Kee Jai!

May 30, 2007

He stands tall amidst mountains
a la Venkata Girivasa
He stands with conch and the wheel of time,
His gestures of assurance and acceptance,
Of my surrender indeed reassuring
Victory to Livermore Srinivasa!

He looks at me with eyes full of love
Eyes that are unseen to me
Behind his beautiful insignia
His jewels are shining
His prime jewel, the mother of prosperity
Shining in his heart!

Amidst a hundred mountains,
Stands the Satah-Giri Vasan!
He stands so the world can spin
He stands so his lost friends
Can find him once more
Like a calf does her mother.

Tears flowing, words swallowed
I stand in front of him
Nothing separating us,
Neither the doorway, nor our distance
Oh! Indeed it was a moment of joy,
Oh! Indeed it was a moment of wonder!

Mortals of this world!
If ever you have a way,
Find your way to Livermore,
For here shines the beacon light for all,
The one who can help you cross,
This ocean with a smile!

Oh! Mortals of this Universe!
If you ever wonder what it is to know bliss!
Fly down to this place of Hari,
Where you will feel the greatness,
The joy, the splendor and the mercy,
Of the Supreme Protector of all!

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