Saturday, May 19, 2007


April 24, 2007

Hey human! You who think you are always right,
Have you ever thought the other way round –
Not that you are really wrong,
What if both of you are right!
Tolerance my friend is more divine,
than the total of divinity itself.

Now you say, OK I will –
Be nice to all religions;
But what of the one who says,
There is no need for one.
What of the one who says,
I am fine as I am.

Tolerance my friend, is one where not many dare,
For they are so afraid of their kith and kin,
Who might say they don’t care,
For ways that are followed from ages,
They are important for you – for sure;
But so not much to hurt the other man

A man sitting on a tree branch,
Sometimes saws so hard;
The same branch that is his seat,
His thoughts are not looking out.
Tolerance my friend, is one where you stay put,
Throw the saw that slices and send your love instead.

Now you might believe in a supreme,
Who is so sublime and serene,
To share that to the whole world unasked –
Might not be so right indeed.
For what is yours in yours for sure,
Let the other man see for himself!

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