Saturday, May 19, 2007


May 12, 2007

So all that I see and hear and feel and perceive and do not,
Belong not to me!
All that I think and wonder and ponder and question,
Belong not to me!
All this truly is not mine!
Including myself!

So then all this verily a part of this other being,
This being owns itself and all else,
Hence I belong to this,
This being has both man and womanly qualities
But is neither man or woman as we know of it!
This being called by many names and by no names,
The one composite of all good qualities!
Of love, strength, valor, power, energy, radiance, brilliance and many more
Of mercy, love, affection, patience, forbearance, wealth and many more
So many more that neither I nor It knows of it!
So then this really verily owns all that is known and not known!

So then why the confusion
In all of us and all who we know
So why these differences
Here is a man who says He does not exist
He is gone when his body is gone, so he says!
And there is one who says He is all there is
He is the one and only, so he says!
And here is one more who says he owns none,
That he is part of the one supreme truth!
Why this difference?
Why cannot the supreme intervene!

So then the Supreme is impartial,
Eternal by nature It is not in a hurry
Like you and me you see!
It is impartial and never hasty,
For all is going on by its will…
A fine line between will and bestowing the same to me,
So subtle that I almost thought I was the one willing!
While I do will by having desire to know It,
It has to will before I can ever know it.
Surrender I can and should do,
For all else seems to be verily strenuous here!

And then there are the names and forms,
Those that name It verily by multitudinous names,
Those that worship it with a form and without,
It is verily a class of its own,
To be called so many names,
And seen in so many forms!
Knowing It – this Brahman to be one and all,
Does It come in the form so desired?
Or does it already have the form before!

Now the man of faith should keep going by faith,
For his faith might be shaken if not,
For properties this being has infinite,
All good and all for a reason,
That which is bad if in you,
Is still good when seen in It,
The one most important attribute is Love,
The Love for which It yearns,
So much as I do too!
The Love which is felt more,
When you see the form of this being!
This conundrum of both form and formlessness!

They say this being, which is real big,
Can never be understood fully,
I might know It exists as different from all,
As the only subject where all else is object,
Hence It is the only real “He” - some say!
Some say His name is this and that,
I say, Love! Love this being with all your heart,
And be good to all!
Thou shall not fight to prove that,
Which is unproven to all who think it is proven!
But surrender you should if all else fails,
For surrender is a sure way for all!

So why not this mind thinks,
Again and again indeed,
Can I feel It, nor experience it?
Why indeed can I not know it,
As many said they do,
Why indeed can I not be with It,
For just maybe a human moment,
Why indeed such a being Inside and Outside me,
So subtle, so unseen and so unknown!
Why indeed, I say and pray!
Why only me, why indeed!

I shall be patient,
Forbearance and all!
For by being good and patient,
If It wills, it will sure show me,
In some way that I have known,
That I have finally known!
Now all I have to go is hope and faith,
And cheer and goodness of heart,
And send those love waves to eternity now,
Infinite feelings from my finite mind;
I am sure I will know It soon!

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