Friday, June 22, 2007

Explanation of the Poem "Root of Karma"

I wrote a poem "Root of Karma" while contemplating this question that has probably been asked a million times so far in the history of the known universe. I have been a questioner all my life. I always question to understand... I know there are cases where the answer is unknown to humans. But the answer is there... only Bhagavan knows it.

May be the details of the root of karma are not relevant for me and hence the information is not needed for me. I also have accepted certain things are indeterminate in the field of mathematics... so the concept of something being indeterminate is not unacceptable for me. Infact, I wrote something on this in my blogsite a few weeks ago when I had resigned to not seek answers to some of these questions:

But this question keeps hankering me... like a nagging doubt, it comes back to me. It is very wierd as to how when we try to go deep into the roots of a few simple things we take for granted... we get flabbergasted. It is due to daya on us that many Acharyas (teachers) have prescribed not to delve too deep into this topic. I will try but my swabhavam is one of contemplation and thinking... even though faith comes to mnaturally, I am also a deep thinker! I also have found that some times questions that I have, get answered from unexpected sources.

I think the root of karma is an indeterminate for my mind as much as the square root of 2 is indeterminate to the fullest extreme to humans (as it has a non terminating, non recurring decimal). And true enough someone like Brahman or Bhagavan who is not limited by the constraint of time might be able to tell exactly what the 1 millionth millionth trillionth decimal place on it without any problems... I guess my brain is not wired to do that.

My humble conclusion is that Karma is anaadi in the sense that the root is too deep for me to compute... but the one that comprehends all just knows the root of all!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Root of Karma

They say it has no beginning!
But everything results from it...
The results of ones action
Either good or bad!

What is the root of this karma?
What caused me to be born ever?
Was I pushed out of my will?
Was I pulled in may be?

Why was I first born
When did I acquire my first karma
How did this all begin
Oh! I wish I knew how?

Why are answers not there?
Why does no one care?
Why do questions creep?
To the mind from so deep?

Some dare not ask this,
Some care not to care,
Some know this may be -
Where are they that know?

A loving God - ever merciful,
the one who is never partial,
gave me my countless births,
Why my first birth?

All who realize are ready to run,
Not really caring to see,
Where from they came and why,
Am I the only one to ask this?

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Material Immaterial?

1. There is nothing wrong in making money as long it is acquired by honest means
2. Attachment to money is the issue... not being attached is difficult; therefore great people caution against going only after money for the spiritually inclined
3. There is a stage in life that most people who get spiritual knowledge will stop giving importance to money even though due to the need to act, they still are involved in working and making money. One needs to find a balance.
4. Even if one makes a lot of money, they should not forget to be humble and treat everyone with respect.
5. Happy people actually are not doing their work for money... money is just a side-effect to their work that they love to do
6. Again, while doing work that we like is a good thing as it keeps us busy and engaged; if that is all we do and do not look inwards; then the balance is lost. Find honest work that you like to do, that you have the aptitude for and apply a positive attitude to your work.
7. One should continue to act and make a living even though s/he might have gotten spiritual realization.
8. There is nothing wrong in pursuing your career if you are in spiritual pursuit and likewise nothing wrong in inquiring into higher truths if you are deep in a career. However, realize that spiritual inquiry might lead to a stage of temporary inactivity that you need to shrug of real quick. So it is said that spiritual path should be a gradual process. Other than this caution there is no restriction what-so-ever to anyone to start inquiring into spirituality.
9. As there are principles to spiritual evolution in one's life; so there are principles to creating wealth. Many of these principles seem to have nothing to do with making money as they are riches in themselves (read the book "Think and Grow Rich" by Napolean Hill if you are interested in knowing more about these) -
a. Definite major purpose
b. Habit of going the extra mile
c. Faith
d. Love
e. Cultivating an abundance mentality and not a scarcity mentality - i.e. realizing this universe is one of abundance and hence there is enough for every one
f. Transmutation of material thoughts by using the creativity in work
g. Real owner of all the wealth is the all-pervading supreme being. Even though this is called by different names by different people (as God, Almighty, Nature, Infinite Intelligence, Universal Spirit, Self etc); it is good to realize that we are not the Lords of the material world.
h. Money is a measure of help you provide other people
i. Principles come first, money will follow
j. One must live within their means always
k. Contentment is a good thing - there is a fine line between being contented and reaching out. You will find the balance. But people who is not content with what they have today will never be content. One has to count their blessings and live their life with gratitude and thankfulness. This is the key to living without attachment!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Imagine 2

Imagine this world is your country,
Imagine your neighbor is your sibling,
Imagine your mind is your friend,
Imagine your heart is your guide,
Imagine your religion is love,
Imagine a lifetime is a day -
How do you choose to spend it?

Problems unsolved,
Puzzles galore;
What use is fretting?
Let go of the shore.
Promise not the world,
Just live in this moment.
Pray if you can,
To live with no care!

Imagine a light shining so bright,
That you cannot see it;
A sound so deafening ,
A thought that never ended,
Is why you are not there yet!
Can peace that you have be found?
An unlocked lock unlocked!

Imagine a calm that you had,
But know not that you have.
Imagine a boat that is swept,
By currents to the right place!
A paddle lost seems not to matter;
Imagine a place that you never saw,
Imagine a plan that you never made,
Imagine a peace that you never felt;
And a hope that you never had.
Imagine a world that is your heart,
A light is shining and waiting,
Imagine that you turned and noticed!

When the mind...

When the mind is confused, listen and be quiet,
Never be frayed
For the guidance will come in ways unknown
For the way will be shown in tiny fragments!

When the world is zooming in
And thoughts go haywire
Stay your course
The thought shall stop troubling you

When the heart is empty
Poured out and weary
Smile for there is a small space
That is still not so empty!

When the mind wanders
from its coveted goal
Wander but bring back
A way will show through!