Sunday, June 10, 2007

Material Immaterial?

1. There is nothing wrong in making money as long it is acquired by honest means
2. Attachment to money is the issue... not being attached is difficult; therefore great people caution against going only after money for the spiritually inclined
3. There is a stage in life that most people who get spiritual knowledge will stop giving importance to money even though due to the need to act, they still are involved in working and making money. One needs to find a balance.
4. Even if one makes a lot of money, they should not forget to be humble and treat everyone with respect.
5. Happy people actually are not doing their work for money... money is just a side-effect to their work that they love to do
6. Again, while doing work that we like is a good thing as it keeps us busy and engaged; if that is all we do and do not look inwards; then the balance is lost. Find honest work that you like to do, that you have the aptitude for and apply a positive attitude to your work.
7. One should continue to act and make a living even though s/he might have gotten spiritual realization.
8. There is nothing wrong in pursuing your career if you are in spiritual pursuit and likewise nothing wrong in inquiring into higher truths if you are deep in a career. However, realize that spiritual inquiry might lead to a stage of temporary inactivity that you need to shrug of real quick. So it is said that spiritual path should be a gradual process. Other than this caution there is no restriction what-so-ever to anyone to start inquiring into spirituality.
9. As there are principles to spiritual evolution in one's life; so there are principles to creating wealth. Many of these principles seem to have nothing to do with making money as they are riches in themselves (read the book "Think and Grow Rich" by Napolean Hill if you are interested in knowing more about these) -
a. Definite major purpose
b. Habit of going the extra mile
c. Faith
d. Love
e. Cultivating an abundance mentality and not a scarcity mentality - i.e. realizing this universe is one of abundance and hence there is enough for every one
f. Transmutation of material thoughts by using the creativity in work
g. Real owner of all the wealth is the all-pervading supreme being. Even though this is called by different names by different people (as God, Almighty, Nature, Infinite Intelligence, Universal Spirit, Self etc); it is good to realize that we are not the Lords of the material world.
h. Money is a measure of help you provide other people
i. Principles come first, money will follow
j. One must live within their means always
k. Contentment is a good thing - there is a fine line between being contented and reaching out. You will find the balance. But people who is not content with what they have today will never be content. One has to count their blessings and live their life with gratitude and thankfulness. This is the key to living without attachment!

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