Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Imagine 2

Imagine this world is your country,
Imagine your neighbor is your sibling,
Imagine your mind is your friend,
Imagine your heart is your guide,
Imagine your religion is love,
Imagine a lifetime is a day -
How do you choose to spend it?

Problems unsolved,
Puzzles galore;
What use is fretting?
Let go of the shore.
Promise not the world,
Just live in this moment.
Pray if you can,
To live with no care!

Imagine a light shining so bright,
That you cannot see it;
A sound so deafening ,
A thought that never ended,
Is why you are not there yet!
Can peace that you have be found?
An unlocked lock unlocked!

Imagine a calm that you had,
But know not that you have.
Imagine a boat that is swept,
By currents to the right place!
A paddle lost seems not to matter;
Imagine a place that you never saw,
Imagine a plan that you never made,
Imagine a peace that you never felt;
And a hope that you never had.
Imagine a world that is your heart,
A light is shining and waiting,
Imagine that you turned and noticed!