Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Root of Karma

They say it has no beginning!
But everything results from it...
The results of ones action
Either good or bad!

What is the root of this karma?
What caused me to be born ever?
Was I pushed out of my will?
Was I pulled in may be?

Why was I first born
When did I acquire my first karma
How did this all begin
Oh! I wish I knew how?

Why are answers not there?
Why does no one care?
Why do questions creep?
To the mind from so deep?

Some dare not ask this,
Some care not to care,
Some know this may be -
Where are they that know?

A loving God - ever merciful,
the one who is never partial,
gave me my countless births,
Why my first birth?

All who realize are ready to run,
Not really caring to see,
Where from they came and why,
Am I the only one to ask this?

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