Sunday, May 27, 2007


I have my background in mathematics and the concepts of math used to intrigue me as a kid. I used to wonder why the square root of 2 is irrational... i.e. non terminating and non recurring numbers after the decimal point... where does it end. This sequence ending is indeterminable for human minds as known so far. Similarly the concept of infinity... is amazing. Concept of non-integrable functions is also very intriguing... how come some functions cannot be integrated while all can be differentiated. I could rack my brains all I wanted but I stopped once I figured my brains CPU might hit 100% if I keep trying to solve these!

In my spiritual quest, I have run into similar iterative questions. Karma for e.g. Since my atman is eternal (Bhagavad Gita) ... when in eternity did it ever get embodied to start accumulating karmic reactions (good or bad).

If I am eternal and originally full of knowledge... what exactly cause me to lose the knowledge?

What makes paramatman as paramatman, jeevatman as jeevatman and Prakriti as Prakriti?

What is the root of all this?

Anyways, these are the indeterminates that I have run into in my spiritual quest and I am sure I will contemplating for ever if I need to understand this.

Which is why I for now, have realized that having full gnana is impossible with some of these basic questions. Every saint and avatar was questioned on these and has somehow evaded a direct answer!

But the concept of karma and its reactions and the fact that desires determine outcomes does make logical and intuitive sense to me. And the desire to not go through samsara seems to be a noble desire indeed... letting go seems to be the only possible solution; at least for now!

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