Friday, May 25, 2007

Prayers for Peace

May 25, 2007

Peace! Peace! Peace!
Let there be peace everywhere!
Let every one feel the spirit of unity,
The one voice in your and my heart,
The one language that we all emote,
Naturally is Love.

Let there be peace in my heart,
Let there be peace in your heart!
Take a moment and think,
If you were in my place and I in yours,
We would be no different!
So let’s be at peace forever!

Peace is an easy word to say!
When flares raise in the mind,
It flies off the window of intelligence,
Words are spoken – raw, cutting words,
Deeper than the deepest wounds,
Why indeed do we need to do that!

Look inside and you will find,
A universe as big as what you see around you,
Listen with your ears closed,
You will hear the silence beating,
A drop of nectar you never dared,
To search within yourself for!

Love your neighbor, so they say!
Love yourself and your neighbor…
And all will be OK with the world!
Send your love across time and space,
Across all dimensions known and unknown!
Love, you see is the only way!

This talk of love, is old indeed!
"Cheesy!" some say! Why care!
Stop and think! How many cares might have been avoided,
Had love been the language of choice!
Love, my friend is the end of all searches and means,
It’s the only way you can find peace!