Saturday, May 26, 2007


Am I this body?
If so, where was I before this birth?
Where do I go afterwards?
Who am I?
When I negate all that I know the one thing remains,
It says "I am".
Now I say, so whose am I?
Am I my own?
If so, who are you and him and her?
And whose are they?
Sentient nevertheless part of a bigger whole,
There is a soul to our soul,
The soul that loves us,
Beyond all else and waits for us,
to know and acknowledge and surrender...
Yeah! What else can we do ...
If we do not know anymore.
This soul of the soul is so small yet so big,
It is inside and outside and felt all over,
It is what all of us are trying to explain,
And experience!
Some see this soul as their own soul,
Some see this soul as themselves,
But do you lose yourself then?
Not really... only you will know.
All I know is what I know!

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