Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Change is constant... sure yeah! You have heard that before, what is new right!
Think once more, how many of us think that to change is not right?

One says, "My father believed it and I know he loved me so much. So it must be the only way to be"
Another says, "We have done this for 20 years now, and it has worked. Why mess with a wheel that is rolling fine?"

Sure, do not mess with a rolling wheel that seems to work fine. But if you fail to notice that there is a better wheel out there or if you fail to look closely at a small crack in the seemingly well rolling wheel!

So what I am saying is change is a good thing if done judiciously. And sometimes you have go against the grain to change!

If the status quo is all we care about, why do we grow from babies to adults?

There is a balance between being content and being willing to change. I am not really talking about changing your life-style etc. I am talking about reviewing your basic beliefs once in a while via introspection... is it a deep rooted belief that is really based on a sound universal principle?

Boldly look inside... to be ignorant is to be in darkness.
To seek for knowledge might lead you to more darkness; but be patient, the light of truth will shine and dispell this darkness!

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