Saturday, August 11, 2007


In times when it seems unfair
Remember there is a small voice
A hope that shines behind the confusion
A positive ray of truth

Optimistic is the way
Where one hopes and dreams
And lives a life of cheer
With belief in one's self

All that you need to start
Has been provided to you
Define your success and start
And more help will come along

Today make someone smile
Today make yourself smile
Today change one aspect of your life
For the better

Today look ahead, head straight
Today breathe deeply and relax
Today look inside and see your self
This immense powerful potential

The goals you set might come to fruition
or not
But the will to act is yours
and only in your control

Set your goals
Speak positive
Then set your eyes on the work at hand
Smile and get to work

Sometimes sorrow creeps in,
deep and touching -
may or may not be too fine,
But learn to move on with faith

Optimism at work
Optmism with your friends
Optimism in your family
Practice this my friend, patiently!

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