Friday, July 25, 2008

The Ultimate Muse

I bow down to the truth;
Beyond forms and names,
worshipped through forms and names,
and with no form and no name!

I seek that which is the ultimate muse -
So close yet so far;
Perceived in many ways,
By many great seers everywhere.

Between the brain and the words,
There might be many a gap!
Oh! I wish there was a simple map,
For that will end all fights!

Whether it is a place or state or a stage,
You cannot really define,
But seek you shall in your heart -
This state of bliss.

Ways there are many to seek,
only the seeker will know,
Be pure at heart and you shall see,
this dazzling light of love.

Beyond words, beyond names -
Beyond forms, beyond thoughts;
Beyond everything, but still very close -
is this conscious, bliss of love!