Wednesday, June 6, 2012

On top of the pyramid ...

A little kid wanted to be famous!
"I want the whole school to see me" - he said to himself!

In his school, they were planning to do a talent show. Each kid was asked to consider volunteering in a show or performance. Some chose to dance, some to debate, some to run, some to act, some to sing and so on. The sports teacher also said there will be a pyramid show. "I need several of you to try out", she said. She picked many kids; some for the base, some for the struts and some for the top and picked the little kid to be at the very top!

The little kid was elated... dream come true indeed!

"I am going to be on top of the world", the little kid thought. While practicing with school mates... the little kid used to joke as to how far a sight it was from the top!

The day of the show came - the kids performed various activities - some danced, some sang, some showed their strength, some their grace, some their speed, some their gifts in acting and speaking and so on. Towards the end they announced that "the pyramid" would be performed.

In an orderly fashion the kids took their positions. Arms locked like steel that only cherubic but sincere hands could manage; legs in tight stance, focus and concentration - the kids did great to form the base, the struts and the top. Then the little kid climbed on to the top - he was supposed to stand on top and salute. As he climbed and then stood on top and saw the many others looking, he was filled with a sense of pride. And felt twenty feet tall!

A small gust of wind blew and one of the kids in the base shivered a bit. Needless to say, the foundation shook a bit and the small shock rippled up as each kid moved just a bit.

The little kid on top, felt it too. Rather he was shaken from his reverie! A moment of tumultuous revelation that he was not really twenty feet tall, and that he owed much of his view from the top to the ones below! That he was given the opportunity and privilege to go on to the top. He shook, almost fell, salute forgotten! He almost cried out loud but through sheer luck and perhaps due to the fortitude of his fellow school mates who stemmed the ripple and now stood their ground steadily, the little kid managed to stand on top.

He felt twenty feet tall no more, he felt humility, a feeling of knowing how interconnected he was with his friends; a feeling of thankfulness to them for holding the fort! A feeling of joy and relief, that swept his tear away.

Slowly and dreamily, yet fully aware of his greatest life lesson, and quite oblivious to the cheers on the sidelines, he raised his hand in salute!

P.S. Habits die heard and lessons sometimes get forgotten. Hence perhaps the need for self affirmations...

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flower mound friend said...

Beautiful and true. Thank you for sharing.