Saturday, February 21, 2015

Musings on a Spider!

Spider caught in bag wondered;
"Why are they looking at me?
My compound eyes see their eyes well -
I see fear and a tinge of misunderstanding!
I see anger and know not why.

They are saying things I do not get,
I wonder if they are going to eat me.
If not, why would they hold me in this pen at all?
I do not understand this animal a bit!

I hear some screaming,
And thoughts of squishing me,
Why oh why I say…
Do they need to do that?

I bite but only when they come close,
I catch my prey only to eat,
Not to play with or make fun of,
I do not understand this animal a bit!"

Nature has a place for all,
Not just humans you see,
Not saying you should not eat your food,
Nor protect yourself from harm.

May be we should all think,
On how to minimize harm,
If a "critter" is not causing trouble,
Please let it outside your home!

Narayan Srinivasan
~ Feb 21, 2015