Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Bubble People

The people in the bubble sighed, "Why cannot we at times get along? Why do we fight over things - while some are important to each of us; some are insignificant? Why for one do we fight about what each of us should believe in? Why can't we just let it be and simply let live?

If one breathes out poison wouldn't that affect all in the bubble? A bubble is a bubble no matter how big or small. And we better work together lest we break this bubble.

And why not look for the third alternative - if we think harder, can we not find a better way? And why not learn to find the balance between reaching out and letting go? So thought the bubble people."

Being put in this bubble was a privilege! And they had to breathe, eat and drink within and could never be without it even for a moment. Why would the left hand try to hurt the right hand? Can the two hands not come together in service versus clash to make a resounding noise?

The bubble people realized that their differences were a strength - while the left hand and right hand appear a bit different, they complement each other, have equal importance and can work in unison! They realized they are interconnected through an invisible thread and the thread needs to be nurtured so it strengthens and does not strangle. By working with a spirit of understanding they can make it work. True there are going to be polarizing differences and people sometimes have to take sides. True there are going to be a few who try to cut the thread and perhaps need reprimanding; but if the collective will is towards building, it will be possible to live long and prosper - as long as they each have to stay in the bubble.

"Let's protect the bubble so the bubble will protect us. Let us strengthen and build bridges for our own good... let's do it right here, right now."- the realization spread throughout and the bubble people lived in peace with each other!

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Rajesh Narayanan said...

Nicely penned. There are struggles. There are pros and cons. There are alternates too. Hopefully we make the right choice before it is too late.