Sunday, January 5, 2014

Celebrate Being Alive

Look around you,
A world teeming with life!
Let's celebrate it...
Yes, let's celebrate without strife!

We are here now.
Why not accept each other?
For who we really are;
not what we feel we are.

We search hours on end,
For alien life-forms on Mars;
Not that that is in vain;
But cherish my life and yours.

Imagine yourself on an island;
Neither Wi-Fi nor phone,
Would you so not desire?
That voice of another human!

See we are meant to be a unit -
Our differences make the world run!
If we could accept this fact,
We'll sleep like a li'l one.

A careful word for another one,
Is good as a fine thought;
Often much appreciated -
Perhaps when it is sought!

Let's take a breath, look in the mirror,
Smile at what we have,
Let's celebrate it...
Yes, let's celebrate being alive!

- Narayan Srinivasan, Jan 5, 2014

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